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​Where Does The Blood Come From?

Most of the Artwork is created directly from the client's or their loved ones. 

How Do I order a Custom Piece?

My list of rings and pendants I can turn you or loved ones into are here:

Due to Scheduling, sourcing of materials, and shipping of equipment, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your slot for any project outside the portfolio and shop options. The remaining 50% is paid upon approval of your piece.


Payment and Shipping

If you want something specific that's not available in my current portfolio,  I will take a deposit to begin consultation. The remainder of the agreed price will be due upon completion. 


Please allow 6-8 weeks for custom orders to be made/shipped.

We process order directly through the website as well we Paypal and Venmo for custom projects without a defined price.

Can It Be Made From My Blood?


Yes, we can take any blood sample and turn it into a custom piece for you.

We send the needles and vials with the order, but you’ll need a nurse friend to do the procedure. You can also ask your doctor to assist with the draw, if insured. If neither of those options work, I can locate a mobile phlebotomist for you at a set $100 Research fee. Once I find someone to assist, the team will send contact info to set up your appointment.  Once you have the sample, it's actually very easy to ship back, especially in you're in the U.S.


This is the process by which you will need to package your sample:

Returns & Refunds


All custom sales are final, but we have a proof and approval process for all clients to ensure the piece is as desired prior to shipping. 


Privacy Policy


While we do enjoy the positive testimonials of donors and custom orders, we do not share your information with any other parties as having had the process done. No one will know it's a Bloodstone unless you want them to!

Aftercare / Insuring your ring

Bood Rings are sensitive to heat. The number one thing that clients want to avoid is leaving your ring in a pocket through the Wash/dry cycle of Landry. However, no jewelry is recommended to be submerged in water for prolonged periods. It's also recommended to avoid any situations where your ring will be exposed to temperatures exceeding 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

We do offer flat rate repair services depending on severity, but you can also purchase an insurance on your ring in which I will reverse more of the sample so if anything should happen, I can remake the piece at only the cost of the insurance. Please reach out to us via email or text for this service. 

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